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Deep Cleaning

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Nature’s Way Cleaning Service offers a thorough and extensive cleaning of the home. Having been home for over a year during the unprecedented global pause, we are all more cognizant of the need to keep our homes clean and safe. Nature’s Way Cleaning Service understands that the daily demands of life do not provide you with adequate time to address some of your cleaning needs. And as your life gets busier and more complicated, the detailed cleanings get pushed to the end of the to-do-list.


That’s why here at Nature’s Way Cleaning Service, we offer deep cleaning services on a monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly basis at a discounted rate. If you are interested in recurring services, we highly recommend that your first cleaning is a deep cleaning to help with on-going maintenance.


Our deep cleaning services are very detailed to ensure that you are getting the most value out of the service.


Here is what's included in Our Deep Clean Services!


Quick and Light De-clutter

Clean and disinfect Toilets

Clean Mirrors

Clean Bathtub/Showers

Empty and clean bathroom trash cans

Wipe Door Handles & Light Switches

Dust and clean Windowsills

Dust Light fixtures

Dust and clean Baseboards

Extra attention in the bathroom



Quick De-Clutter

Clean and shine Refrigerator

Wipe and clean all Appliances

Clean Microwave (inside and outside)

Clean and sanitize Sinks

Wipe Door Handles and Light Switches

Dust and clean Baseboards

Clean and dust Windowsills

Extra attention to kitchen appliances

Wipe Door of Cabinets

Inside Refrigerator



Other Rooms

Quick De-clutter

Vacuum Carpet and Rugs

Dust surfaces

Dust ceiling fans

Dust and clean Windowsills

Dust and clean Baseboards


It is our goal to provide the highest level of quality service. Nature’s Way Cleaning Service deep cleaning service includes four (4) areas of the home that are often overlooked, and those areas are: baseboards, inside the refrigerator, cleaning front of cabinets, and extra attention to the bathroom and kitchen.


The Forgotten Baseboards:

Baseboards are often neglected due to the tedious nature of how they must be cleaned. We ensure that baseboards are dusted to remove dust, hair, and debris, and if needed, we also clean with a solution to remove any tough stains. Cleaning baseboards is extremely time consuming, and the duration of the process depends on the size of the home and the level of dirt and grim present on the baseboards.


Inside of the fridge:

We remove all items from the refrigerator and remove all shelves that can be safely removed to get to all the nooks and crannies. A proper cleaning of a refrigerator requires warm to hot water with a disinfectant cleaning solution. This process takes anywhere from 45 mins to 1 hour.


Clean Front of Cabinets:

Fingerprints, toothpaste, and spaghetti sauce are unsightly when seen on the front of your cabinets. Wiping down the front of your cabinets go a long way to make your kitchen or bathrooms look new and fresh again. Depending on the size of the kitchen or bathroom, this could take some time to complete. Either a disinfectant solution is used to clean unsanitary stains, or a cabinet/wood cleaner or polisher is used to remove fingerprints and smudges. The type of cleaning solutions used depends on the type of stains and level of dirt and grim present.


Extra Attention to Bathroom and Kitchen:

Handprints on walls and door frames and stains on and behind the trash receptacle are but a few of the many items that we look for in these areas to refresh your home. Your daily routine doesn’t allow you enough time to clean at this level of detail. We understand. Nature’s Way Cleaning Service strives to leave your home not only smelling clean but looking and feeling clean too.

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